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Patient-by-Maxillary Joint Treatment

TMJ treatment

You grind your teeth? We can help.

Teeth grinding or a cracking jaw joint, a tense neck, sensitive teeth and earaches are signs of a disturbed interaction of your teeth, jaw and muscles.
We treat these complaints, known as craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD), by means of a comprehensive analysis and a holistic therapy approach that includes your entire body and your everyday habits. In other words: We do everything we can to put an end to your teeth grinding.

TMJ treatment -
many causes,
numerous solutions.

Anything that deviates from the normal clenching of teeth can be the trigger for teeth grinding and clenching. These include tooth migration and tilting of the teeth after tooth loss, fillings and dentures that are too high or incorrectly designed, irregular tooth position after orthodontic treatment and hereditary developmental disorders of the jaw. Stress and mental strain are also a widespread cause.

Your temporomandibular joint treatment benefits with us:

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with osteopaths for gentle holistic healing
  • Secure professional, holistic advice, analysis and treatment
  • Position correction of the temporomandibular joint
  • Use of the latest technology to produce the bite splint (Freecorder)
  • Optimization of the entire functional range to compensate a
    disturbed interaction of teeth, jaw and muscles
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The bite splint -
an immediate measure promises
quick improvement.

With the help of hard or soft plastic foils, which are placed on the teeth of your jaw and are usually only worn at night, we achieve quick relief. The purpose of these splints is

  • Compensate interfering contacts
  • to bring the lower jaw into a stable position
  • Relieve the jaw joints and chewing muscles
  • to prevent pressing and crunching

Interfering contacts and malpositions -
we offer a
permanent solution.

The adaptation of new fillings, an optimized, exactly fitting denture or orthodontic treatment? Especially in the case of teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint problems, it is important for the success of the treatment to look at you as a whole person, rather than just at your teeth. To achieve this, we go beyond our own limits and rely on interdisciplinary cooperation between dentist and osteopath.


Gentle healing -
pain relief and elimination of disorders
through osteopathy

If required, the osteopaths Mohammad Adam and Dr. Roswitha Glück with their gentle healing methods complement the holistic therapy approach of our practice. This comprehensive osteopathic treatment is effective against pain and functional disorders. For headaches, pain in the jaw or jaw joint, the so-called Cranio Sacral Therapy has already proven its worth. In osteopathic cranio-sacral therapy, the skull, spine and nervous system are examined for blockage-free functionality and brought back into balance. With the help of our partners you will get rid of your complaints faster and better and can enjoy your everyday life more again!

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