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Patient-after-periodontosis treatment

Periodontosis treatment

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Periodontitis is a chronic disease of the periodontium, which requires lifelong care. The reasons for periodontitis are manifold. Increased bacteria in the mouth, hereditary factors, a weakened immune system, persistent stress, hyperacidity as well as a damaged intestinal flora, lack of minerals or smoking are factors that can cause massive problems for your gums. We are here to clean them up and make sure that these factors do not lead to periodontitis in the first place.

Different causes
require different types of treatment.

Our method of treatment include the removal negtive factors as well as prevention by professional tooth cleaning and other preventive measures. This includes effective instruction in good dental and oral hygiene. The actual periodontitis treatment includes the thorough cleaning of the tooth and root surfaces and the gum pockets. In individual cases, this may also include measures to restore the jawbone. In severe cases we also use antibiotics or special disinfectants and lasers. Furthermore, we will be happy to advise you on how to change your diet, avoid chronic stress, and, if necessary, give up smoking. Regular professional tooth cleaning at our clinic ensures the long-term success of the treatment.

Your paradontosis treatment advantages with us:

  • Comprehensive consultation and cause research (stress, heart attacks, diabetes or infections can lead to periodontitis and even tooth loss)
  • Support in the care of the gums and prevention of periodontitis
  • Dental prostheses if nessesary
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Patient-after-periodontosis treatment

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