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Patients after dental aesthetics treatment

Dental aesthetics

We find beautiful solutions that simply make your teeth more beautiful.

Whether teeth whitening, wafer-thin tooth shells, invisible fillings or ceramic inlays (tooth aesthetics) - the secret of beautiful teeth looks different for everyone. We will find exactly the individual solution that best suits your teeth.

Bleaching -
as you
like it.

With Power-Bleaching we whiten your teeth directly on site in our practice. Just one appointment is enough (approx. one to two hours) and your teeth are visibly whiter. Your teeth will be even more beautiful in no time at all - e.g. for your next job application or wedding photo!

As an alternative to bleaching, we offer the so-called home bleaching, where you can achieve the desired effect from home over a period of two to three weeks. You use special splints and dentist-recommended bleaching gel according to our instructions for beautiful, radiant results.

Your bleaching advantages with us:

- Safe professional treatment
- Fast results after just one application (Power-Bleaching)
- Safe professional treatment through our guidance and control
- Treatment without appointment stress-free at home (Home-Bleaching)
- Long-term effect of up to 5 years

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Veneers -
keep everything
they promise.

Veneers are the beauty secret of many stars. We use wafer-thin veneers made of ceramic or plastic and attach them to your tooth surface using a special procedure. Thus, the colour and shape of the teeth can be changed according to your wishes.

Your veneers advantages with us:

- Gentle treatment of enamel and gums (little grinding required)
- Years of long-term effect with constant veneer brightness
- Natural shaping for naturally beautiful teeth
- Brightness of the veneers can be adjusted in advance in the dental laboratory
- Displaced teeth and gaps between teeth can be optically corrected
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Tooth-coloured fillings -
a long-lasting
beautiful mixture.

As an "invisible" answer to the requirements of modern dental fillings we recommend composite fillings. The mixture of finely ground ceramic powder and plastic is more durable and effective than pure plastic and, unlike amalgam fillings, identical to the natural tooth colour. The ceramic gives the fillings their stability and, just as you would expect - their good appearance.

Your composite filling advantages with us:

- Composite fillings are tooth shades and therefore "invisible
- They are firmly attached
to the tooth - The fillings are durable

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ceramic inlays -
formally speaking
the best.

Ceramic inlays have replaced gold as a high-quality dental filling. Not in terms of material value but definitely in terms of dental aesthetics. Our inlays are made for you according to an impression of your teeth and can be inserted after 1 to 2 weeks. The result is naturally beautiful, extremely durable and resilient. In other words: More is not possible.

Your Keranik inlay advantages with us:

- More aesthetic than gold or amalgam fillings
- Harder and stronger than plastic
- Firmly attached to the tooth
- No marginal gap (nesting place for bacteria)
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Questions and answers

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about dental aesthetics.

Can individual teeth also be whitened?

Yes! If individual teeth are darker, it is usually because they have died and had a root canal performed on them. They are whitened by putting a whitening gel in the tooth for a few days. Since these teeth are "dead", this is absolutely painless.

How white will the teeth?

If the dentist does it, by up to nine shades. This can be measured quite accurately with a colour scale. Over-the-counter whiteners from the Internet or drugstore usually do not manage this.

How long do teeth stay white?

If a dentist does it, about two to five years. With over-the-counter products, it is often much less.

How quickly your teeth darken again depends on how you eat and what stimulants you consume. If you drink a lot of tea, coffee, red wine or cola and smoke, your teeth will darken again more quickly. If not, they will remain light for years.

Can teeth be whitened at any age?

No whitening should be done before the age of 16, as tooth enamel and dentin are not yet fully developed. Otherwise, bleaching is possible at any age.

How are veneers made?

Veneers are approx. 0.5 - 0.7 mm thin veneers, which are produced in the dental laboratory or in the practice with a machine. They are firmly bonded to the visible surface of the incisors and canines in a special procedure.

Veneers have a very long durability and they keep their natural beauty permanently.

When are veneers used?

Veneers can be done when your own teeth look detrimental or someone is suffering from the unattractive look of their teeth. Veneers are often used:

  • Discoloration of the teeth
  • Tooth malformations
  • Large visible fillings
  • Broken teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Slight tooth tipping
  • Worn teeth.

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