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The feeling of real teeth? Your new
dentures will feel just like that.

When teeth are missing, there is always a question: How should the gaps be closed? Basically we offer you different answers to complete your smile again as well as the function of your teeth. You have the choice between implants with crowns or dental bridges made of ceramic or metal-ceramic, removable bridges and much more. However, there are cases in which implants are not possible for health reasons.


There are two types of removable dentures: Suction. Partial dentures, if individual own teeth are still present, and total dentures, if all teeth have to be replaced. 

Prothesetypen auf einen Blick:

  • Model cast dentures are attached to the remaining teeth with steel clasps. This has two advantages: Your own teeth need only minimal grinding and the dentures are inexpensive. Disadvantage: they loosen quickly and are therefore not often used. 
  • The more stable and more beautiful alternative to simple clasp dentures is telescopic or attachment dentures. Here the prostheses are attached to the remaining teeth in a kind of plug connection. This gives them a firm and stable hold. There are usually no metal parts visible. Disadvantage: Teeth have to be grinded  
  • Full dentures are used when all teeth are missing. Many patients cope well with this. Others perceive it as a considerable loss of quality of life: because the dentures may not fit well, because there may be pressure points and the patients can no longer eat everything they like.

Particularly important:
the advice

If many teeth have to be replaced, individual consultation is particularly important! Should I opt for implants or removable dentures? Which denture is the right one for me? We answer your questions! Give us a call.

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