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Periodontitis is one of the most common chronic inflammatory diseases,

which affects about 50% of adults. In addition to factors such as stress, smoking and a genetic predisposition, pathogenic germs that settle in the gum pockets play the central role.

What many people do not realise is that these germs can enter the bloodstream via the inflamed gum pocket and spread throughout the entire organism.

Until now, a direct link between untreated periodontitis and a heart attack or stroke was known: The risk increases by

Factor 2!

A recent study (Marouf et al. 2021) has now demonstrated that periodontal disease has a significant impact on the progression of corona disease. Covid-19 patients who are carriers of untreated periodontitis come

3.5 times more often to the intensive care unit and have to be ventilated 4.5 times more often.

A healthy oral cavity with a functioning immune system is therefore particularly important!

Therefore, the recommendations of the German Society of Periodontology to avoid severe COVID-19 courses are:

  • they go every 6 months to the preventive medical checkup
  • practice particularly intensive oral hygieneright now
  • use antiviral mouth rinses
  • and: Keep your appointments for professional dental cleaning (PZR)

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