Periodontitis treatment

We'll take care of it - before you run out of steam.

Periodontitis is a chronic disease of the periodontium that requires lifelong care. There are many reasons for periodontitis: increased bacteria in the mouth, hereditary factors, a weakened immune system or prolonged stress. Acidosis, damaged intestinal flora, a lack of minerals or smoking are also factors that can cause massive problems for your gums. 

We are here to clean these up to ensure that these factors do not cause you to develop periodontal disease in the first place.

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Different causes require different types of treatment.

Our dental measures range from the elimination of dirt niches and improper loading of the teeth, as well as prevention through professional teeth cleaning, to preventive measures. This includes effective instruction in good dental and oral hygiene. 

What happens during periodontitis treatment?

An actual periodontitis treatment includes thorough cleaning of the tooth and root surfaces and gum pockets. In individual cases, this may also include measures to restore the jawbone. In severe cases, we additionally use antibiotics or special disinfectants and lasers. 

In addition, we will be happy to advise you on changing your diet, avoiding chronic stress, and quitting smoking if necessary. Regular professional teeth cleaning at our practice ensures the long-term success of your treatment.


Your advantages of periodontitis treatment with us:

  • Comprehensive advice and root cause analysis (stress, heart attacks, diabetes or infections can lead to periodontitis and even tooth loss)
  • Support with tooth/gum care and prevention of periodontitis
  • Dentures for severe cases