Professional tooth cleaning (PZR)

Not only beautiful, but also healthy - our professional teeth cleaning.

Treat yourself to wellness for your teeth with our professional teeth cleaning (PZR). The benefits are not obvious, but in your entire throat: the special cleaning not only benefits your teeth and gums – it saves you from the nesting of bacteria that can harm your entire body. 

A pleasant fresh breath and the whitening aesthetic effect make the PZR an indispensable appointment in modern dentistry, applied at regular intervals.

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Prophylaxis – more valuable than you think.

With our professional dental cleaning (PZR), we remove plaque even in places that you cannot reach with your toothbrush. We also clean between your teeth and under your gums. This will prevent bacteria from settling in and prevent caries and periodontal disease.

Self-help – our care tips for you.

Of course, during the PZR (professional teeth cleaning) we will also show you how to optimally care for your teeth and gums. We will not only tell you the best tools for this, we will also demonstrate how to use them successfully.

Suitable for children – special tips for special guests.

Children’s teeth are particularly at risk because the enamel is not yet as resistant as in adults. In addition, children usually do not brush their teeth so carefully. Our regular prophylaxis will protect your children from tooth decay and toothache. They learn how to brush their teeth properly in a playful way and get tips on a tooth-healthy diet.

We show your child where there are still weak points in brushing and how to brush their teeth properly. After that, our prophylaxis specialist cleans his teeth gently and thoroughly. In addition, we harden your children’s enamel with a fluoride varnish that protects teeth from decay for up to three months, and we seal the molars that are particularly at risk.

Good to know ...

Fresh breath – always goes down well.

Fewer oral bacteria avoid the formation of sulfur compounds and fatty acids that cause unpleasant bad breath. PZR reduces these bacteria. And a fresh fragrant breath is of course a pleasant and desirable effect in private and in everyday life.

Protective effect – avoid health risks.

Bacteria from dental plaque enter the body through inhalation and via the bloodstream, where they can cause damage to health. Also and especially during pregnancy, we recommend that expectant mothers have a PZR performed up to twice to minimize risks during pregnancy.

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