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Just you, your teeth and us.

Our treatments always take place in a relaxed atmosphere. Personal, friendly and competent.

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Our treatments simply explained..

Aesthetic dentistry

A beautiful smile is the most beautiful business card for many people. In order to give your smile that “certain, radiant something”, we use the entire skill set of modern dental aesthetics: Whether bleaching, veneers, white fillings or ceramic inlays – Learn more

Dental implants

If one or more teeth are missing, we will be happy to advise you on the subject of dental bridges or implants. Because implants fit as firmly as your own teeth and thus significantly improve the quality of life, more and more patients are opting for implants. Learn more

Professional tooth cleaning

By regularly cleaning our teeth, we prevent bacteria from settling on the gums/interdental spaces, thus reducing the risk of caries and periodontosis and reducing the development of unwanted breath odours. Enjoy smooth tooth surfaces, healthy teeth and fresh breath. Always free of charge: the best tips for care. Learn more 


Professional, detailed advice is just as much a part of our working method as professional monitoring and our long-term support. This is how we ensure that you are always in good hands with us.  Learn more

Periodontosis treatment

Tooth loosening or even tooth loss is the sword of Damocles in advanced periodontosis. We help you with early detection, specialist treatment and always advise you as a precautionary measure. With our help gum bleeding, tooth loosening and the accompanying bad breath have no chance!  Learn more

Root canal treatment

Only those who have a clear view can carry out a target-oriented and sustainable root canal treatment. To put an end to your pain, we use dental microscopy to identify the individual root canals. The exact location of branched canals in the tooth, their widening and filling are our key to your successful root canal treatment.  Learn more 

Dental replacement

With us you will get rid of your gaps: We offer comprehensive advice and a treatment tailored to your needs and discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of each possible tooth replacement option. With our commitment we will provide you with the right replacement. Learn more

Mandibular joint treatment

Everyone wants the right bite. If you lack it, there can be many reasons. Whether it is due to tooth migration or tilting, fillings and dentures that are too high or incorrectly designed, irregular tooth position or developmental jaw problems. We help you with comprehensive research into the causes and targeted treatment. Learn more 


A disturbing impairment of the jaw does not have to be a constant companion for you. Because orthodontic treatment is possible at any age. Whether it’s a matter of grinding issues or more beautiful and harmoniously standing teeth, we clarify in our orthodontic consultation. Which type of treatment is right for you? We will clarify that right away! Learn more

Treatment of children

For our smallest patients, we bring the greatest patience. In terms of professional treatment, prophylaxis and advice, there is of course no difference to our older guests. With a good hand, open ears and appropriate answers, we ensure that your visit to the dentist with a child doesnot become a nerve-racking affair. Learn more

Laughing gas

Does this sound familiar to you? You have not been to the dentist for a long time because you are panic-stricken? Your teeth are neglected and no longer look nice? Do you have a recurring toothache and know you should go to the dentist – but don’t? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Here’s how we can help you. Mehr erfahren

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