The feeling of real teeth? Your new dentures feel just like that.

When teeth are missing, one question always arises: How should the gaps be closed again? Basically, we offer you various answers with which we can complete your smile again and the function of your dental apparatus at the same time, of course.

You can choose between implants with crowns or dental bridges made of ceramic or metal-ceramic, removable bridges and much more. However, there are cases where implants are not possible for health reasons or patients do not want implants.

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Partial and full dentures

A basic distinction is made between two types of removable dentures: so-called partial dentures when individual teeth are still present and complete dentures when all teeth need to be replaced. Partial dentures, when individual teeth are still present, and complete dentures, when all teeth need to be replaced.

Particularly important: advice

When many teeth need to be replaced, individual consultation is especially important! Should I opt for implants or removable dentures? Which denture is right for me? We answer your questions! Call us.

Prosthesis types at a glance:

  • So-called. Model cast dentures are attached to the remaining teeth with steel clasps. They have two advantages: Your own teeth require minimal grinding and they are inexpensive. Disadvantage: loosen quickly and therefore are no longer used often.
  • The more stable and attractive alternative to simple clasp dentures is telescopic or attachment dentures. Here, the dentures are attached to the remaining teeth in a kind of plug-in connection. This gives them a firm and stable hold. There are also no metal parts visible. Disadvantage: Teeth must be ground & higher cost.
  • Complete dentures are made when all teeth are missing. Many patients do well with it. Others perceive them as a considerable loss of quality of life: because the prostheses may not fit well, because there may be pressure points, and because patients can no longer eat everything.

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