Nitrous oxide

Fear of going to the dentist? This is how we help you.

The most important thing is that you feel safe with us and accepted with your fears. That’s why we take time for you and create a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Tell us what you are particularly worried about and we will take it into account. If you wish, we will explain each step of the treatment before we perform it.

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Painless treatment – targeted anesthesia or nitrous oxide sedation?

Every person is different and so is your individual perception of pain. We clarify before, during and after treatment to what extent you prefer single tooth anesthesia, local anesthesia or the use of nitrous oxide.

In this way, we ensure that your treatment is as pleasant as possible at all times and that you are guaranteed not to be afraid of your next visit with us.

Why we are the right choice

  • Expertise: Experience and continuous training
  • Individual care: Every patient receives customized treatment.
  • Modern technology: use of the latest digital technologies and high-quality materials.
  • Satisfied patients: Numerous positive reviews and success stories.