We are simply always there for you - before, during and after your treatment.

Professional, detailed advice is just as much a part of our working method as professional monitoring and our long-term support. This is how we ensure that you are always in safe hands with us.

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Financing – comprehensive advice
and installment payment on request.

Your dental well-being should not depend on financing. As statutory and private health insurance companies sometimes vary greatly in terms of the services they offer and the subsidy models, we offer you not only our expert advice, but also rate-based payment options.

We discuss your planned treatment in advance and then draw up a treatment and cost plan (HKP). This way, you know from the start what you’re in for financially. By providing a copy to your supplemental insurance, you will know in a timely manner what costs they will cover. This way you can easily afford new teeth and you won’t miss out on any health insurance subsidies.

State-of-the-art technology – only the best is good enough for you.

Whether magnifying glasses for daily precision work or digital X-rays to reduce radiation exposure – our technical equipment is always state of the art. This also includes the use of the latest generation of air-flow devices.

The use of our soft laser and surgical microscope complete our technical arsenal. Why? We always have a clear goal in mind in our daily practical application: to make your treatment as painless and successful as we would wish our own treatment to be.